Education & Site Resources

Education & Site Resources

Please feel free to download these PDF documents to enhance your experience while visiting Bluff Lake Nature Center.

Bluff Lake Maps (English and español)

Map for All Ages – English

Mapa para todas las edades- Español

Adult Trail Map – English

Bluff Lake Quest 2.0 (English and español)

This popular scavenger hunt is a great way to turn your trip to Bluff Lake into an adventure! Visit the locations marked on the map, then use the clues to locate the hidden cannister. Collect one colored bead for each cannister you find. Designed for kids, but fun for all ages!

Quest 2.0 Map and Clues

I Spy… Scavenger Hunts!

No matter the season, you can find things that live, grow, fly, crawl, or swim all around Bluff Lake! Designed specifically for this site, our I Spy sheets let you keep track of the interesting things you spot and provide fun facts about each.

I Spy Animal Signs

I Spy… Spring Birds

I Spy… Summer Birds

I Spy… Spring Flora

I Spy…Animal Homes

I Spy… Spiders

I Spy… Summer Insects

Bluff Lake Bird Checklist

Download the Bluff Lake Bird Checklist (2020 Update) to use during your hike. Please also visit our Birdwatching at Bluff Lake page to connect to many more bird-related resources!

Bluff Lake Family Nature Activity Booklet

Download the free Bluff Lake Family Nature Activity Booklet for a series of fun and educational activities you can complete at home! The activities can be done inside, looking out your window, in your backyard, in a nearby natural space, or even at Bluff Lake! These activities can be modified to fit any age range depending upon level of parental involvement. Eight activities are included: sensory scavenger hunt, nature shapes, naturalist drawing, DIY sundial, “Can You Beat the Best?” mammal activity (parts 1 and 2), window bingo (English y Español), and I Spy Animal Homes.

Animal Homes Matching Game

This is a fun and active learning activity that you can print out to do at home. Then visit Bluff Lake for yourself and see if you can find the animal homes you learned about!

Animal Homes Matching Game

Self-Guided Tours  (English and español)

Choose the version that’s right for you, then take your time learning and exploring as you hike through Bluff Lake!

Self-Guided Tour (Student Edition)

Gira autoguiado (Español)

Self-Guided Tour (Teacher Edition)


Additional online learning resources are available on our Distance Learning page!