Camp Staff 2020


The new small-group format means that our campers will get more individual attention than ever this year! We are excited to introduce our great 2020 team:

Heidi Pfeiffer
Summer Camp Director & Education Manager

*Heidi will be ON SITE during camp each day. She is the best person to contact about running late or missing a day, camp programming, or any concerns about your child’s experiences while at camp. Call or text 414-839-1670 for a quick response, or email

Heidi has been with Bluff Lake since 2018, when she fell in love with the natural beauty of Colorado and decided to relocate from her hometown in Wisconsin. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology focused on education and health psychology. She loves working with kids, hiking, biking, gardening, and bird watching. Her favorite thing about Bluff Lake is seeing kids’ wonder and natural curiosity as they explore and learn about the outdoors!

Maggie Willden
Director of Operations

*Maggie will be in the Bluff Lake OFFICE during the day. She is the best person to contact about registration, waiting lists, payments, or required forms.

Maggie was born and raised in Colorado, which lead to her passion for nature and wildlife. She earned her Undergraduate Degree from Colorado State University in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, and her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Colorado Denver. She has worked with several nonprofits in the Denver Metro area, but she has never loved working with an organization more than Bluff Lake Nature Center. She has been with us since June 2017 and her favorite part of Bluff Lake is it’s uniqueness and how it gives access to nature for many who would not have that access otherwise.

Ben Jacques
Camp Counselor

Ben grew up in Western Massachusetts, where he learned to love nature from summer camp and adventures with his family. He started teaching children in the outdoors when he was sixteen, a passion that has since taken him to Maine, California, Minnesota, and Brazil. Along the way he earned a Bachelors Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences and learned that bird watching, rock climbing, and canoeing are his favorite hobbies. He is looking forward to exploring Bluff Lake with campers and finding some cool nature.

Caleigh Michael
Camp Counselor

Caleigh is returning this summer for her second year as a counselor for Bluff Lake summer camp! She is a senior at Colorado State University studying to receive a degree in business. She has a love for the outdoors specifically when it comes to hiking and exploring new places. She is very excited to be working at Bluff Lake Nature Center again this summer.

Charlotte Marcil
Camp Counselor

Charlotte grew up in Denver and feels lucky to have spent most of her childhood outdoors. She is a junior at Brown University, working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on environmental justice. She is passionate about environmental education and outdoor accessibility in urban areas–two interests which led her to Bluff Lake Nature Center. Charlotte is a first-time Bluff Lake counselor and is very excited to start camp!

Emily Martin
Camp Counselor

Emily is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Colorado in May 2020. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation and Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. Her deep appreciation for nature has driven her to focus on community engagement to bring people to the outdoors and experience the number of benefits. Working with kids of all ages brings her joy and brings out her own inner child. Her favorite thing about green spaces such as Bluff Lake is identifying the local plants and animals that live there.

Lucy Ehrenclou
Camp Counselor

Lucy recently moved to Colorado from California, where she was an educator at an aquarium. She has been working and volunteering at aquariums and zoos for 8 years. She is excited to start her Masters of the Environment program in Boulder in the fall. Lucy loves being outside, hiking, bird watching, kayaking and fishing, and loves to share her passion for nature and conservation with kids.

Maggie Rohs
Camp Counselor

Maggie is a native to Cincinnati, Ohio. She went to the University of Dayton and graduated with an Environmental Biology degree. After graduation, she decided to take the time to travel for herself. For two years, she got to live and travel to Australia and other neighboring countries. After all these adventures, she decided to come to Denver, Colorado, to explore another new area. In her free time, you will find her skiing, hiking, playing soccer, looking for animals, or cooking with friends and family! She is super excited to be a part of the team and can’t wait for the summer to begin!

Philip McKie
Camp Counselor

Philip is a Colorado native and a substitute teacher with Denver Public Schools. As an educator, he is committed to connecting young people in urban communities to the natural world and the sciences.  Philip has a B.S. in Biology from Morehouse College.  He also is also a volunteer educator with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Philip loves seeing students building connections with the natural environment and excited to be a counselor at Bluff Lake Nature Center this summer!

Sofia Greenfield
Camp Counselor

Sofia is a Colorado native. She is currently working on obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Communication Studies. She has a passion for working with children and enjoys nature activities like hiking, biking, and skiing. She grew up going to summer camp where she found an appreciation for nature. She is excited to be in nature and be a part of creating an awesome summer experience!

Jacob Reta
Site Manager

Jacob keeps the site in great shape throughout camp. He also gives presentations to campers about Native American stories, music, dance, and traditional clothing.

Jacob is a graduate of New Mexico State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fish and Wildlife Conservation Ecology. He is the Site Manager for Bluff Lake Nature Center. One thing that he loves about Bluff Lake Nature Center is interacting with the kiddos that visit Bluff Lake.

Rachel Crouch
Executive Director

Rachel oversees the Bluff Lake organization as a whole. She supervises Heidi, Maggie, and Jacob, and works with the Bluff Lake Board of Directors to determine policies. Feel free to contact Rachel at to find out more about Bluff Lake, including how you can support our nonprofit!

Rachel Crouch is a Colorado native with a mission to make culture and nature accessible to everyone. She has a degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in History and Education. She spent six years working at the Missouri History Museum as the K-12 Programs Coordinator, and at the St. Louis Science Center. In 2018, Rachel became the Education Director at Bluff Lake Nature Center where she got to explore the site with elementary school students and summer camp kids. In July of 2018, Rachel took over as Executive Director of Bluff Lake. Her favorite thing about Bluff Lake is finding bones and going on insect hunts with kids!