Prices & Registration



$350  Full Day Camp (9am-3pm)

$275  Half Day Camp (9am-12pm, ages 5-6 only)

$125  Junior Counselor (9am-3pm)

$150  Pre-camp and Post-camp Care (7:30-9am and 3-5pm)

$100  Post-camp Care Only (3-5pm)

$75  Pre-camp Care Only (7:30-9am)

$20 DISCOUNT  Multiple-week registrations (for the same child)


$20/$30/$50 Tardy Pickup Fee per occurrence (See full policy here)


  • Your registration fees automatically include a T-shirt for EACH week your child is registered for. If you are signed up for multiple weeks, we will give you all of those shirts on the first day of your child’s first week. (If that’s more shirts than you’d like to receive, please email
  • If you purchase an “additional T-shirt” for $10 during your Active registration, that will be on TOP of the T-shirt(s) your child is already receiving for their camp week(s).
  • Wearing the T-shirts to camp is always optional, never required!


Registration Links

  • Ages 5-6 and Ages 7-12 HERE
  • Junior Counselors here
  • Scholarship Applicants here

*If a camp week is full, please complete your registration to be added to the waitlist. Quite a few campers from the waitlist are typically able to get a spot as summer approaches.*

Bluff Lake donors from the previous year are invited to register two weeks early. If you would like to ensure there are enough spots left in the week(s) of your choice next year, please consider making a donation now.

Registration Instructions

Please note that this year’s registration is separated into two separate summer camps (Ages 5-6 and Ages 7-12). Both are found at the same Active link – just scroll through the different camp options and choose the one  you need.

You will be asked to create an Active account, then enter basic information on the registration form (including contact information for your child’s healthcare providers). At least half of your payment will be collected immediately, and the remainder is due by June 6, 2020 (your card will automatically be charged on that date if you have not already made an additional payment through Active, or mailed a check to us at 4760 Oakland St #332, Denver, CO 80239).

*Please do NOT purchase the “Refund Insurance” offered through Active. Refund eligibility is already automatic and free based on the policies described below, so the “insurance” does not add any additional benefit.

Registration Forms

You are also required to submit medical forms and a photo of your child’s face (to help us learn names). You can do this during your initial registration process, or add them later (AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE your child’s first day of camp). Either log back into Active to upload the forms, or email them directly to We cannot guarantee that campers with late forms will be allowed to attend, and no refunds will be issued for camp time missed due to late forms.

Please visit our Medical Forms page to review full instructions and download the required forms. Please note that two medical forms are needed for ALL campers: (1) Up-to-date CDPHE-approved immunization record, and (2) General Health Appraisal signed by a health care provider within the past year.

The remaining medical forms are only needed if either: (a) your child will bring a medication to camp (submit the Care Plan & Medication Orders for inhalers and epi-pens, Medication Administration Permission for other medications); OR (b) your child has allergies or asthma but will not bring the associated medication (submit the Refusal to Provide Medication). Summer campers CANNOT self-carry any medication; you must follow our medication drop-off instructions to provide medications to our trained staff member on the first day of camp.


*You do NOT need the “Refund Insurance” offered through Active. You will automatically be eligible for refunds as described below. The insurance does not change any of these policies.

The last day for refunds is June 6, 2021. Our programs require intensive staff preparation and they often fill early, so we will not issue any refunds after June 6th. The only exception is COVID-related refunds as described below. Please note that campers who miss days due to late or missing forms or medications are NOT eligible for a refund.

If your child can no longer attend the week they registered for, please contact Education Manager Heidi as soon as possible to request any of the below cancellation options. You may also ask to combine multiple options (e.g., donate one week’s registration, refund one week’s registration).

Cancellation Options

  • SWITCH WEEKS. If spots are still available in earlier or later weeks, you may request to switch weeks for no additional cost. The last week of 2021 camps is August 16-20th.
  • CARRY IT FORWARD. If you are considering sending your camper again next summer, we can save your registration fee and credit you next year. You will receive a code for free camp registration in January 2022, even if the cost of camp has increased in the meantime.
  • DONATE YOUR FEE. If you are in a position where this might be possible, your camp fee would be turned into a tax-deductible donation. Donations like yours help enable us to keep offering free field trips for low-income schools, summer camp scholarships for families in need, and year-round educational programs for free to the public. It also makes it possible for us to continue employing a full-time Education Manager, which  helps ensure the quality and consistency of our summer camp programming from year to year.
  • GET A REFUND (by June 6th). No problem! We will process this in the Active registration system, and the refund will automatically go back to the account that paid for the registration (minus any processing fees). Please remember that this option is NOT available after June 6th, 2021.

COVID-related Refunds

  • We do NOT anticipate being forced to cancel any weeks of camp due to COVID-19, but if we must do so for any reason, you will be offered a 100% refund.
  • If your child is required to stay home or leave camp due to  a COVID-19 diagnosis, recent exposure, or the presence of any symptoms, you will be offered a refund for the unused portions of the camp. If the child attended any amount of camp before leaving, we will request that you take them for a COVID-19 test so that we can inform the other campers’ parents of the results.


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