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BLNC Small Group Summer Camp Update and FAQ- 5.15.2020

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Full-Day Camp (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.):  $400
   *$375 for Best of Bluff Lake camp weeks in August

Half-Day Camp (9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.):  $300

Pre-Camp Care (7:30 to 9 a.m.):  $75

Post-Camp Care (3 to 5 p.m.):  $100
   *$20 late fee if you pick your child up after 5:15 p.m.

Both Pre- and Post-Camp Care:  $150

Scholarship Program: Application information below

Because of the smaller staff to camper ratio due to our 2020 Small Group Camp format, we have increased the price of a week of camp to $400 (previously $315). This increase will cover the additional staff costs, as well as costs associated with providing the safest camp possible for your child. This includes but is not limited to purchasing thermometers, cleaning supplies, shade units, and additional materials so that the students do not need to share.


Multi-Session Discount: Register for two or more weeks of camp (either for the same child or for additional siblings) and receive $20 off!

Best of Bluff Lake Discount: sign up for either of the last two weeks of camp, August 3-7 or August 10-14, and receive $20 off!


Our Carl Wells Summer Camp Scholarship Fund is offered to families who are unable to pay for Summer Camp. The fund will cover 100% of the cost for 2 children per week (Junior Naturalists qualify as well). Please fill out an application HERE to request a scholarship eligible for one week of camp. You may fill out a max of 2 applications for  2 children (one application per child).

Once completed and approved, your application will be included in a lottery. We have decided to change to a lottery system this year in order to reach more people and account for the influx in need. Applicants that applied for 2 children will be submitted in to the lottery ONCE as a family. If chosen, both children receive the scholarship. The lottery will take place in early March (already completed). You will then be notified of your status and given instructions on how to register if you are a lottery winner.

We will also be offering $85 scholarships for those who cannot afford the price increase to $400/week. Please contact with any questions you may have.

We are also offering a $25 coupon code to campers whose primary care givers (one or both) are essential workers. Please contact to receive the code!

Carl Wells played an important role in getting BLNC on its feet and keeping it there through his work as a longtime volunteer educator, Saturday birding guide, Board member and treasurer, and steward of its 123-acres. Bluff Lake’s mission is to make nature accessible to everyone, something Carl was very committed too, and this scholarship fund aims to make sure every kid has the chance to experience a week of summer camp at Bluff Lake.


During the first 8 weeks of camp, we offer extended care hours both before camp (7:30 – 9 a.m.) and after camp (3  – 5 p.m.). Visit the camp schedule to see the available weeks.

Pre- and post-camp care will take place at Bluff Lake Nature Center. Pre and post care will be held at the Bluff Lake site this year. Last summer we remodeled our onsite building, and it now has electricity to power a fan and have a refrigerator. Pre and post care campers will have the option to be inside the building or outside under the overhang playing with games, toys, and each other. If you are registered for pre and/or post care you will drop your camper off and pick them up right in front of the building. All the same safety, sanitization, and social distancing procedures will be continued during pre and post care.

Extended care is purchased in weekly bundles ($75 for pre-camp care, $100 for post-camp care, or $150 for both). Please note that a $20 late fee will be charged for pickup after 5:15 p.m. There must be a minimum of 4 campers registered for any given week of pre- or post-camp care, or it will be cancelled.


Because our programs require intensive staff preparation and often fill early, we have developed the following cancellation and refund policy:

What happens if I want to cancel my child’s registration?

We have a variety of options for you if you choose to cancel your child’s camp registration. If you are financially able, we encourage you to consider donating your registration fee or switching your camp registration to 2021. As a small nonprofit, we rely on the income we make each year at summer camp to maintain our education programs throughout the entire year, including paying for our education staff, providing free field trips to Title 1 schools, providing over 30 free family programs a year, and more. If you would like your registration fee returned, we are happy to do so as long as the cancellation occurs before June 1, 2020 (as per our regular cancellation policy). We are also happy to do a combination of multiple options if that is what works best for you (ex: donate one week’s registration, refund one week’s registration). If we are forced to cancel camp for any reason, families will receive a 100% refund. If a camper is diagnosed with COVID-19 or has any symptoms as defined within current public health guidelines pertaining to COVID-10 for day care centers or camps that require the camper not to attend camp, families will receive a 100% credit for the unused portion of the camp to be used through Summer 2021, or a 50% refund.

    1. Switch camp registration to a later week in 2020
      1. If you would feel more comfortable having your camper in a later week of camp, we are happy to work with you to find a different week that might work! This year the last week of camp is August 10-14.
    2. Switch camp registration to 2021
      1. If you know you’d like to send your camper to BLNC summer camp in 2020, we can save your registration fees and credit you next year. We will send you an email in early January before registration opens giving you a code to use which will make your registration free.
      2. Why does this help Bluff Lake? Every year, the summer camp registration funds we receive in the spring help us pay for all of the free programming we offer to schools and families throughout that year. It also makes it possible to employ a full-time Education Manager, which gives us the full year to prepare for the following summer’s camp, and helps ensure the quality and consistency of our camp programming. If we are unable to have camp in 2020, Bluff Lake will have a hard time providing these opportunities. However if we can spread the financial impact over both 2020 and 2021, it will allow us to keep operations at a normal level!
    3. Donate your registration fees to Bluff Lake
      1. We know that COVID-19 has impacted families in a major way and this may not be financially feasible for your family. If you are in a position where this might be possible, we have a donor who has offered to match all donated summer camp registrations at 50%! So your $315 registration would then turn into a tax deductible donation, and would be matched by an additional $157.50 donation from our donor!
      2. Why does this help Bluff Lake? As a small nonprofit, we rely on the income we make each year at summer camp to maintain our education programs throughout the entire year, including paying for our education staff, providing free field trips to Title 1 schools, providing over 30 free family programs a year, keeping the site open, and more.
    4. Donate your registration fees to our summer camp scholarship fund
      1. Want to help another camper experience Bluff Lake camp this year? Every year we provide 20+ free summer camp registrations for low-income families. If you donate your registration fee, it will allow us to continue to provide these scholarship slots this year and for years to come!
    5. Have your registration refunded back to you
      1. No problem! We will process this in the system, and ACTIVE will refund the account that paid for the registration (minus any processing fees).
      2. Any camp registration cancelled after June 1, 2020 will not qualify for a refund.


    If you have any questions or would like to pursue one of the above options, please contact Maggie Willden at



You MUST have all your forms in before your child starts camp, or your child will NOT be allowed to attend. This includes all waivers, immunization records, medication authorization forms, necessary medical forms for asthma, allergies, etc., and sunscreen authorizations. No refunds will be given for failure to provide the required forms. This paperwork is necessary in order to comply with our licensing. We are not willing to jeopardize our license and the programming we bring to hundreds of children. Therefore, no excuses regarding missing forms will be accepted.

Allergy Care Plan

Asthma Care Plan

Other Medication Authorization Form

Refusal to Provide Medications for this Condition Form