Virtual & Distance Programs


Updated 9/10/20

The Bluff Lake team has been hard at work putting together distance learning resources for parents and teachers!  We are able to provide the majority of these resources for FREE thanks to generous donations from our community. If you have the means to donate, your donation will further support these efforts! Contact for more information or to schedule.



Self-Paced Virtual Field Trips

Experience Bluff Lake from home with these engaging slide shows! The presentations include videos shot at Bluff Lake with our Environmental Educators, photos, and plenty of interesting facts. Instructions for follow-up activities to complete at home are also included. Click above for free, immediate access! Please simply email to let us know which program(s) you used and the approximate number of students.

  • Available in English and Spanish. Disponible en ingles y español.
  • 30-60 minute options for ECE+
  • Free for all schools

Self-Paced Virtual Activity Series

Through a series of videos and home activities, visitors will have a chance to engage with the lesson themes at a deep level. With plenty of variety in recommended ages and activity lengths, you are sure to find something for everyone. Click above to access all of the series immediately, for free! Please just let us know which program(s) you used and the approximate number of students by emailing

  • Multiple 30-60 minute lesson modules within each series
  • Options for ECE through adult
  • Free for all visitors

Live Virtual Guided Field Trip

Schedule a time for a live experience with one of our enthusiastic, experienced educators. These trips will include all of the beautiful photographs and informative videos of our self-paced virtual field trips, with the addition of commentary from the educator, live learning checks, and live Q & A sessions!


  • 45-75 minutes
  • ECE+
  • $50 per class of 30 or less, free for Title I schools

Live Virtual Guided Discussion

Supplement your students’ self-guided virtual field trip or activity series with an additional live discussion with one of our environmental educators! These virtual discussions work well as an introduction before the students complete their self-guided activities, or as a follow-up afterward to help integrate all that they learned. Our educators are happy to answer questions on the spot, or prepare answers to questions that students submit ahead of time.


  • 30-45 minutes
  • ECE+
  • $50 per class of 30 or less, free for Title I schools

Kids’ Field Equipment Kits – COMING SOON

Receive a ready-made tool kit to embark on your own scientific adventures in the great outdoors! Kits can be picked up or mailed, and are yours to keep. This service will be free for Title I schools.