All About Birds Virtual Activity Series


This series is best enjoyed by browsing through all the available videos and activities, and then choosing those that work best for your interests, age groups, and desired time commitment. Resources are free for all visitors!

  • Bird Interview with George Ho (5th – adult)
  • Cavity-nesting Birdhouse Lesson (5th – adult)
  • DIY Milk-carton Birdhouse Craft (2nd – 5th)
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Academy Play Lab (1st – adult)
  • Bird Conservancy of the Rockies YouTube Channel (K – adult)
  • HawkQuest Teaching Aids (K – adult)
  • HawkQuest Kids Corner (ECE – 1st)
  • Bird Excerpts from Bluff Lake’s All About Animal Series (1st – adult)

Bird Day Interview with George Ho

Bird-watcher and nature photographer, George Ho, Jr., M.D., sits down with Bluff Lake Education Manager, Heidi Pfeiffer to guide us through a photo tour of some birds of Bluff Lake! He gives advice for old and new bird-watchers, shares beautiful photographs and information about 21 different species of birds, and discusses why birds matter for the planet. Topics include interesting bird facts and terminology, field identification tips, calls and songs, answers to questions from community members, and more! Recommended for grades 5th and up. 36 minutes. FREE.

Cavity-Nesting Birds and Birdhouse Lesson

Learn about some of the cavity-nesting birds that call Colorado home, and get tips about how to turn your yard or garden into an inviting bird habitat! Topics include safe birdhouse design, ideal birdhouse placement, and how to promote nesting behavior. Recommended for grades 5th and up. Information sheet with facts and photos (PDF). 10-15 minutes. FREE.

Birdhouse Information Sheet

DIY Milk-Carton Birdhouse Craft

Build and decorate your own birdhouse to  turn your yard or garden into a bird habitat! Recommended for grades 3rd and up, 30-60 minutes. FREE.

DIY Milk-Carton Birdhouse Instructions

Online Bird Games, Videos, Lessons, and Crafts

Explore this variety of online resources from other bird-focused organizations! You will find activities for ECE through adult. FREE.

Visit The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Bird Academy Play Lab for free online games that explore bird flight, song, dance, feathers, and more! Watch closeups of wild birds nesting on their free Live Bird Cams.

Visit the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies’ YouTube Channel for dozens of free videos about birds, bird-watching, bird conservation, and more!

Visit the free Teaching Aids at HawkQuest’s online Learning Center to find 9 different raptor-related lesson plans with activities and experiments for all ages! Visit their Kids Corner  for free printable bird coloring pages and puzzles for the little ones.

Bird Excerpts from Bluff Lake’s All About Animals Series

Through a series of videos and home activities, learn about three birds that call Bluff Lake home. Videos show bird footage taken right at Bluff Lake as our Environmental Educators provide interesting facts! Each bird has a corresponding activity to complete at home. These excerpts were adapted from the 2020 Bluff Lake Virtual Earth Day. Recommended for Grades 1st and up. Videos 3-5 minutes each, home activities 30-40 minutes each. FREE.

HOME ACTIVITY: Power of Flight Challenge


HOME ACTIVITY: Bird Beak Relay


HOME ACTIVITY: Anatomy of a Turkey


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