Virtual Field Trips


Schedule a live experience with one of our enthusiastic, experienced educators. We will visit your class virtually to guide students through  a photo and video tour of Bluff Lake. We set aside plenty of time throughout the presentation to check students’ learning and answer their questions.

How Does It Work?

  • Choose one of our themes (see below), or request a customized theme. We can also customize any theme for any grade level.
  • Resources with an asterisk include both English and Spanish text. For any theme, our educators can speak in English, Spanish, or a combination of the two while leading the trip.
  • Virtual trips last from 45-75 minutes.
  • You are welcome to download the free presentation slides, corresponding question sheet, or additional activity resources to supplement whichever trip you choose (see below).
  • Register at the bottom of this page, or contact Carly Winner, Environmental Educator, at or 608-417-9020 with questions.

Trip Themes and Resource Materials

*Resources with an asterisk include both English and Spanish text.

Presentation SlidesCorresponding Resources
*All About Animals (ECE-1st)*Common Species of Bluff Lake

Animal Video & Activity Series

Can You Beat the Best? – Coming Soon!

*Habitats of Bluff Lake (K-3rd)

*Habitats of Bluff Lake (4th-6th)

*Question Sheet (K-3rd)

*Question Sheet (4th-6th)

I Spy… Animal Homes

*Animal Signs (K-6th)*Question Sheet (K-3rd)

*Question Sheet (4th-6th)

I Spy… Animal Signs

*Winter at Bluff Lake (K-6th)Coming soon!
*Water Mission (1st-6th)*Question Sheet (1st-3rd)

*Question Sheet (4th-6th)

Water Testing Kits – Email Carly

Water Testing Instructions (Text and photos)

Water Testing Instructions (Slides and videos)

*Food Webs (4th-6th)Wetland Food Web Activity

Habitat Collage

*Question Sheet (4th-6th)

Riparian Zones (4th-6th)Coming soon!
Birds – Coming soon!Bird Video & Activity Series

BLNC Bird Checklist (2020 Update)

I Spy… Spring Birds

Birdwatching at Bluff Lake

*Note: You are welcome to download any of these free resources even if you do not schedule a virtual field trip with our educators. If you do so, please just email to let us know which one(s) you used and how many students you sent it to. Thank you!

Prices and Registration

Standard Presentation with Discussion: Presentations are 45 minutes for grades ECE-2nd, and 60 minutes for grades 3rd-6th.  Both include plenty of time for learning checks and Q&A throughout the presentation. $50 per class (free for Title I schools).

15 Additional Minutes: Add this extra time to cover additional details, custom topics, or additional discussion questions, or to supplement an English presentation with oral Spanish translation. $15 additional per class (free for Title I schools).

30-Minute Discussion Only: To choose this option, you should lead your class through the presentation slides on your own beforehand, or assign the presentation to the students as homework. We will briefly review and integrate the content, then spend most of the time answering questions. Pre-submission of students’ questions is encouraged, but our educators can also answer questions on the spot. $35 per class (free for Title I schools).



Please contact Carly Winner, Environmental Educator, at or 608-417-9020.