Birthday Parties


Throw your child’s next birthday party at Bluff Lake for a unique and memorable experience!  Choose from a variety of games and activities led by our environmental educators, or simply explore and play within the natural beauty throughout the site. We can even provide s’mores for your guests to roast at our gas-powered fire pit!

Recent Experiences

I don’t know if it was the sun and warm weather, the fact that Hailey got to be with her friends or seeing them all mucking around in the stream – or all of those things — but it was the perfect 6th birthday party and a great re-introduction into normalcy. Hailey was full of smiles and had a wonderful day. Thank you for everything! It was just what we needed.” – Nicole B.


Click here to fill out a form to reserve a day and time for your party (up to 25 guests). We will reserve one of our gathering locations for you for up to 2 and a half hours. If you have additional questions, please contact our Education Manager Heidi Pfeiffer (

Fee: $50 (+ $10 per additional guest over 25 people)

Gathering Locations

Bluff Overlook: A space underneath the pergola provides partial shade, benches, and a beautiful view of the site.

Fire Pit Area: Benches surround a central space, and nearby picnic tables are scattered throughout gravel trails.

*These are the only locations where food and drink are allowed.  Please do not take any food or drinks other than water with you as you explore the rest of the site.

S’more Roast

One of our staff members will set up a fire in our gas-powered pit, and bring all the roasting sticks, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate you need for your guests to craft the perfect s’mores!

Fee: + $100 (45 minutes), + $125 (60 minutes), + $150 (90 minutes)

Nature Games and Activities

One or our experienced environmental educators will lead your guests through the fun lessons, crafts, or games of your choice!

Nature Hikes: Bug hunt; frog hunt; bird-watching; scavenger hunt; creek exploration.

Lessons + Activity Themes: Animals of the night; animal bones & pelts; reptiles & amphibians; aquatic life; animal habitats; birds; prairie dogs; insects; mammals; plants & leaves; or flowers.

Other Games: Popsicle-stick bridge-building contest; aluminum foil boat-building contest; camouflage; zombie apocalypse; poison dart frog

Crafts: Friendship bracelets; sun catchers; landscape reflection paintings; pet frog rocks; God’s eyes; cattail boats; nature collages; animal tracks booklets; leaf rubbings

Fee: + $75 (45 minutes), + $100 (60 minutes), + $125 (90 minutes)


Please bring your own food, drinks, supplies, and folding tables if desired. These are only allowed in your designated party area; please do not bring any supplies, food, or drink (other than water) onto the rest of the site.

There is no running water on site, but there are porta-potties with hand washing stations near the site entrance.

There is no indoor access or electricity.

Basic Setup

We can provide and set up two folding tables, a large cooler of ice water, and a large cooler of lemonade for your party for an additional $50 fee. We will also take them down at the end of the party and help with cleanup.


Your official party must end and be completely cleaned up within 2.5 hours. However, guests are welcome to stay and explore the site until public operating hours end at sunset.


You MUST clean up and leave the site as you found it immediately following the party, or you will be charged an additional $50 fee.

Pets and Bicycles

To respect the wildlife in our refuge, dogs and bikes are NOT ALLOWED on our site. Thank you for supporting our mission to provide a safe and peaceful haven for our native animals!