Fireside Chats


All ages are welcome for these FREE, fun, and educational drop-in programs! We will have a campfire and s’mores to roast, as well as interactive activities ranging from astronomy to animals to music. Fireside Chats are held the second Thursday evening of each month from March through October (except for April, which is held the first Thursday).


June 11: Animal Anatomy
6:30-7:30 pm

See and touch real bones and animal pelts! Learn about the animals that can be found at Bluff Lake, and the way their bodies and habits help them thrive. Look through the collection of small bones we’ve found around the site (cleaned and whitened), and see if you can identify which animal and part of the body they came from.  A special guest will also be bringing some of his own specimens for you to look at! You can even look for your own bones during the hike, and take home instructions for how you can clean and whiten them yourselves.

July 9: Video Game Animals
*Live animals with Nature’s Educators!
6:00-7:00 pm

Do you love video games? Well, you’d be surprised to know how many popular characters are designed based on real animals! Nature’s Educators will tell you all about these animals and how they defend themselves, what they eat, and where they live. They will even bring real, live animals to show you as examples!

August 6: Musical Storytime
*Live music with Rocky Mountain Aardvarks!
6:30-7:30 pm

Join us for a night full of fun and music as Rocky Mountain Aardvarks sing their original, funky songs! This program is most suitable for children 5 years and younger, but all are welcome.

September 10: Animals of the Wizarding World
*Live animals with Nature’s Educators!
6:00-7:00 pm

This Fireside Chat will give you the chance to see the fantastical beasts from the popular books and movies up close and personal. You will learn about where they were seen in the story as well as their habitat, diet, and natural history.

October 8: Native American Music
*Live music with Bluff Lake Educator Jacob Reta!
5:30-6:30 pm

Come learn about one of the key aspects of Native American culture, their music! Music is used in Native American history to transmit their history and culture. Enjoy live demonstrations of traditional drumming and singing.