Afterschool Enrichment


Bluff Lake Nature Explorers

Bluff Lake Nature Explorers is an after-school program designed to engage students (K-5) in missions around their schoolyard. Our naturalists work with a group of no more than 8 students, to encourage building relationships and diving deep into student interests. They lead students on missions exploring the plants, animals, soil, water, and birds of Denver. The missions include lots of storytelling, drawing, and imagination.

Bluff Lake Nature Explorers offers the chance see the living outdoors in your schoolyard. With the help of an expert naturalist, Explorers will learn about nature by completing a variety of missions in the great wide world around them. Each mission will take Explorers on an unusual sensory experience related to plants and animals that live right here in Denver. Explorers will document their exciting discoveries and questions in a nature journal. This class is the perfect opportunity for future scientists, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal lovers to see nature up close in a whole new way. Each class will prepare Explorers to take on nature missions in their own neighborhoods.

We are looking for new schools to grow our program!
Please email Maggie Willden at if you would like to see this enrichment program offered at your school.