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Field Trip Programs ECE-6th Grade

We offer field trips for ECE to 6th Grades graders Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30am-12:00pm.  Field Trips cost $5 per student.  Schools with Title I status and/or 50% or more student enrollment in the free/reduced lunch program qualify for scholarships.  These schools may also qualify for a reimbursement of school bus expenses.

1. Sensory Discovery Field Trip (ECE-1st)

Students will use all of their senses to explore Bluff Lake and discover how animals use their senses.  Expert naturalists and interactive games will help the natural world come alive.  Field trips include a classroom outreach visit the week prior.
NGSS: K-LS1-1.; K-2-ETS1-2.

2. Healthy Habitats Field Trip (K-2nd)

Students will discover the different habitats at Bluff Lake, which animals live in each habitat, and what they need to survive.  Expert naturalists and interactive games will help students draw connections between different parts of the natural world they experience at Bluff Lake.  Field trips include a classroom outreach visit the week prior.
NGSS: K-LS1-1; K-ESS2-2; K-ESS3-1; K-ESS3-3; 1-LS1-1; 1-LS3-1; 2-LS4-1; K-2-ETS1-2.

3. Nature Exploration Teams (NETs) (3rd-6th)

Students take the lead in this learning by completing self-directed science and critical thinking missions to explore the natural world at Bluff Lake.  Each mission requires students to use their senses to look closely, record data, and ask questions about their environment.  (This is a one day field trip that includes a classroom outreach visit the week prior.)
NGSS: 3-LS1; 3-LS2; 3-LS3; 3-LS4; 3-ESS3; 3-5-ETS1
4-LS1; 4-ESS3; 4-ESS2
5-PS3; 5-LS1; 5-PS1; 5-LS2; 5-ESS3;

4. Customized Education Programs 3rd- 12th Grade

If you are looking for more than a one-day field trip, our customized education programs offer a deeper dive into the Bluff Lake natural environment, the scientific process and offer multiple opportunities to visit Bluff Lake and work with Bluff Lake staff.  (These programs cost $5 per student for each visit to our site as well as any additional costs for development and in-school visits.  Scholarships for Title I schools may still apply.  Please inquire for details.)

5. Nature Exploration Teams (NETs) — Project-Based Learning (3rd-6th)

Students take the NETs science missions further with multiple visits to Bluff Lake and class time dedicated to asking and answering questions they discover about the natural world as well as analyzing their data.  Students use their questions to develop a plan of action for how to best investigate and respond to an engaging environmental challenge or question at Bluff Lake.
NGSS: Please contact us to learn more about NGSS alignment

6. Field Work (6th-12th)

Students in middle and high school science can use Bluff Lake as a field site for environmental surveys and data collection.  Students can participate in water testing, organism identification, and tree boring as well as long-term data collection and comparison.  Bluff Lake offers students the opportunity to engage with Next Generation Science Practices in an authentic learning environment.
NGSS: Please contact us to learn more about NGSS alignment

7. Tailored Programs (ECE-12th)

Bluff Lake Staff can work with you to design a program that targets your desired learning outcomes and the needs of your students, such as a service project or field work for part of a larger expedition.

To Register for any of our programs please visit the How to Register page. For any questions, please email Grace Jaen at [email protected] or see our FAQ page.