How to Register


To register for a Bluff Lake Education Program, please follow the 4 steps below. (NOTE: if you’re planning to lead students on a self-guided tour, please see this page.)

  1. Register your group using the form below  (please check the calendar below to see our availability before completing the form)
  2. Request a bus as soon as possible
  3. Book a pre-trip outreach
  4. Receive our confirmation email

If you would like to register for a service project or a fieldwork program, please contact Maggie Willden at directly.

1. Register Your Students

Registration for the 2019-2020 school year is now live!

Education Program Calendar —Orange Dates = Not Available

2. Request Transportation

We require schools to provide a bus request/route number to receive confirmation for your education program. If you cannot provide a bus request/route number a month before your field trip, we reserve the right to cancel the event.

BLNC does reimburse school bus expenses (for public schools with Title 1 status and/or 50% or more student enrollment in the free/reduced lunch program) up to $150 per day. All other schools will be responsible for their transportation expenses. Please contact Maggie Willden at to seek transportation reimbursement.

3. Schedule Outreach

Before your field trip or education program, one of our staff will visit your school. This presentation will cover content and will include: Pre-trip assessment for 1st-6th grades (please have the students ready with a pencil and a surface to write on), a discussion about our wildlife refuge/nature preserve and how to behave in a natural area as well as information about what to expect during your program, and what to wear and bring to be comfortable. We aim to schedule these on Mondays but can be flexible with your schedule.

4. Confirmation Email

Once you have registered for a program date, sent us your bus confirmation, and scheduled an outreach date, you should receive a final confirmation email from us.

Please let us know any questions you may have. You can email Maggie Willden at We look forward to seeing you at Bluff Lake Nature Center!