Self-Paced Virtual Field Trips


These FREE programs have been adapted from field trips we host at Bluff Lake! Bluff Lake educators filmed footage onsite and created corresponding activities that students can do from their homes.

Using any of these programs with your family or class? We’d love to hear from you! A lot of our grant funding depends on how many students we reach per year, so keeping track of how many students participate in these programs would be really helpful! Just send our Director of Operations Maggie an email at with the number of students, there age/grade level, and the school (if applicable). THANK YOU!

Bluff Lake Water Mission

Learn all about the three water sources at Bluff Lake, where the water comes from, what the habitats look like, and how we test to make sure the water is healthy for aquatic animals!

Recommended for grades 3rd and up. 40-60 minutes.
Format: Google slides with YouTube links

Water Mission – English

Water Mission – Español

Animal Signs

Students will learn about various animals signs such as tracks they make in mud or snow, and how to identify tracks themselves!

Recommended for grades 2nd and up. 30-50 minutes.
Format: Google slides with YouTube links

Animal Signs – English

Animal Signs – Español

Habitats of Bluff Lake

Students will learn what makes a good habitat, what types of habitats we have at Bluff Lake, and how plants and animals survive in these habitats.

Recommended for grades ECE through 3rd.  30-40 minutes.
Format: Google slides with YouTube links

Habitats – English

Habitats – Español