Kids Making a Difference


Bluff Lake is proud to work together with these student and scout groups who are putting their time and energy toward protecting our natural resources. Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm!

Fulton Elementary 2nd Graders

These students are currently working on five different projects to promote local biodiversity: A pollinating garden, bird houses, bird feeders, a recycling poster campaign, and an educational book about wildlife in our communities. Check back again later this year for updates on their finished projects!
Fall 2019

Stapleton Daisy Troop

These Girl Scouts did a poster campaign to promote Bluff Lake Bird Day. They also cleaned up litter around the Bluff Lake site, which helped protect our natural environment and improved animal habitats.
Summer 2019

Park Hill/ Stapleton Boy Scout Troop 34

These Boy Scouts learned about influences on water quality and then spent an afternoon cleaning up litter surrounding the Stormwater Outfall on the Bluff Lake site. They also helped increase the safety of the site.
Summer 2019