Employment Opportunities


Bluff Lake’s Site Manager is supervised by the Executive Director and is responsible for the overall safety, cleanliness, accessibility, and ecological health of the 123-acre site. The position is also the primary point of contact with visitors and stewardship volunteers. About 80% of the work time occurs at the site. The position is very much a part of the BLNC “team” of full- and part-time employees and volunteers. For the balance of 2016, the position will be a half-time position, averaging 20 hours per week.


Maintenance, Repair, Security and Cleanliness (40%)

  • Regularly inspect the site and identify work needed to ensure the safety, accessibility, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal of BLNC, especially along the trails, in the parking lot, and at all visitor facilities.
  • Develop regular work plans for accomplishing needed and priority work, and use those plans to organize and be accountable for work
  • Maintain and repair trails as needed
  • Regularly pick up trash through the site
  • Make minor repairs to improvements and equipment
  • Maintain tools and equipment and ensure they are kept secure
  • As needed, coordinate with subcontractors
  • Coordinate with nighttime security patrols to ensure effective performance
  • Ensure snow removal when needed, through a combination of work by the Site Manager, volunteers, interns, and occasionally, contractors

Natural Area Protection and Improvement (40%)

  • Regularly inspect the site and identify work needed to protect wildlife and native vegetation, control invasive weeks, manage prairie dogs according to internal plans, and address any other threat to the health of the natural area
  • Prepare regular work plans that incorporate high priority work needs, and use the plans to organize and be accountable for stewardship work
  • Coordinate, support, and work with volunteers who help with weed control and habitat improvement projects
  • Schedule and plan projects for large volunteer groups such as corporate and school groups and oversee those projects
  • Report on work accomplished, including volunteer work
  • As needed, coordinate with subcontractor
  • Record and report wildlife sightings, activity, and problems
  • Participate on BLNC’s Natural Resources and Site Management Committee

Visitor Contact and Support and Other (20%)

  • Closely coordinate with education team to support staff and volunteers in their preparation for and conduct of school and other programs
  • Make contact with visitors to ensure they have basic information about BLNC and understand its rules
  • As needed, enforce applicable rules
  • Support volunteers involved in providing visitor contact and assistance
  • Help track visitor numbers and related information
  • Ensure that the area is open and closed at designated times
  • Provide temporary signage if needed to inform visitors of closures, work disturbance, and other unusual activities
  • Be the on-site liaison with police, parks and recreation departments, and other agencies and organizations involved with BLNC’s work
  • Reply to emails within two business days, either at the office or via remote connections
  • Cooperate on providing information for, and review of, grant applications relevant to site-related work
  • Attend occasional meetings with regulatory or corporate agencies with relationships to BLNC’s site work
  • Assist with the logistical implementation of special events held at the site


The Site Manager, consulting with the ED, will determine weekly work priorities based on time and resource availability, condition of the site, and urgency of site management issues. Work is largely physical and outdoors throughout the year, and in all conditions at a 123-acre property without utilities. Longer hours are common during the summer months as the days are longer. The normal work week is Tuesday through Saturday but there can be significant variation depending on organizational events and needs and the employee’s personal schedule. Work schedules may change depending on the season and in response to special activities or needs. There is no direct supervision of others, other than interns, volunteers, and periodic work groups. Benefits include two-thirds coverage of health insurance and a cell phone allowance.


  • Strong commitment to BLNC and its mission
  • Practical knowledge of natural resource conservation and enhancement practices, including at least moderate knowledge of native flora and fauna
  • Ability to work independently and on multiple projects
  • Ability to exercise good judgement, show initiative, and make sound decisions around the need to fulfill job duties, as well as meet organizational objectives
  • Ability to develop site management and enhancement plans and organize people and other resources to accomplish those plans
  • Desire and ability to communicate clearly and positively, and cooperate well with co-workers, volunteers, visitors, subcontractors, partners, and others
  • Skills in operating and maintaining a variety of machinery and tools
  • Basic computer skills
  • College degree in a related field preferred


$18,500 per year for 20 hours per week. Please submit resume, cover letter, and at least three professional reference by 5 p.m. MDT on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 to Jeff Lamontagne, Executive Director, at jlamontagne@blufflake.org. Please, no calls or emails other than application materials. All applicants will receive communications after June 7.


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