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2014-2015 School Programs

Registration for 2015-2016 Field Trips begin Thursday, August 20th
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Providing science field trips at Bluff Lake for metro area elementary schools is one of BLNC’s longest running and best loved programs.  We make science accessible by providing scholarship to schools with Title I status and/or 50%+ students receiving free and reduced lunch.


Registration begins August 20th.

Bluff Lake utilizes a tiered registration system.  Your tier remains open even as other tiers begin registration.  Access the registration page by clicking on your tier below. All registrants will be processed according to tiers and in the order they are received.

Tier One  Schools within the 3 mile radius of Bluff Lake (see the list here) may register beginning 8:00am Thursday, August 20th
Tier Two Title I and/or 50%+ FRL Schools may register beginning 8:00am Wednesday, August 26th
Tier Three All other schools may register beginning 8:00am Monday, August 30th

Our Programs

Sensory Discovery
(Grades ECE and K):
Use all of your senses to explore Bluff Lake and discover how animals use their senses.
Healthy Habitats
(Grades 1-2):
Discover the different habitats at Bluff Lake, which animals live in each habitat and what they need to survive.
Life Cycles
(Grades 2-4):
Learn about the different life cycles of various animals and how they are connected to all other animals, including humans.
Wetland Wonders
(Grades 3-5):
Learn what makes a wetland a wetland, what animals live there, and how a wetland is nature’s way of cleaning water.

A Proven Combination: Field Trips & Learning!

BLNC’s Education Program brings elementary students into nature for hands-on learning and the kids show consistent, significant improvements on environmental literacy assessments scores. During the 2014-2015 school year:

  • First and second graders who attended our “Healthy Habitats” program showed a 47.18% average improvement between pre-visit and post-visit assessment scores.
  • Second through fourth graders who attended our “Life Cycles” program showed a 20.97% average improvement between pre-visit and post-visit assessment scores.
  • Fourth and fifth graders who attended our “Wetland Wonders” program showed a 27.24% average improvement between pre-visit and post-visit assessment scores.

The success of our programs is reliant upon financial and in-kind support from the community—as well as the time and dedication of our amazing Volunteer Educators. During the 2014-2015 school year, twelve Volunteer Educators put in a combined total of 750.5 hours.

A Multi-level Approach to Field ExperienceGuided education programs for students in ECE-5th grade are available throughout the school year.  Programs are led by staff and volunteers.  Each class that registers for a Bluff Lake field program has several education experiences with Bluff Lake staff.  First, teachers receive a Bluff Lake Explorers packet containing classroom activities.  Pre-trip activities can easily be conducted in the classroom to help prepare students for their field experience.  Next, a BLNC staff Naturalist visits the classroom prior to the trip to answer questions, guide students through related activities and provide background information.  The third phase is a visit to Bluff Lake’s outdoor classroom, which consists of visiting activity stations that will engage students through hands-on learning and exploration.  Finally, post-trip activities are provided to help the teacher solidify concepts learned in the field. 

Tier I Schools — Schools within three miles of Bluff Lake

Amesse Elementary
Ashley Elementary
Boston K-8 School
Crawford Elementary
Fletcher Community School
Ford Elementary
Fulton Academy of Excellence
Greenwood K-8 School
Hallett Elementary
High Tech Elementary
Howell K-8 School

Isabella Bird Community School
Kenton Elementary
Lansing Elementary
Maxwell Elementary
McGlone Elementary
Monarch Montessori
Montview Elementary
Oakland Elementary
Odyssey School
Options School

Paris Elementary
Park Lane Elementary
Peoria Elementary
Roots Elementary
Sable Elementary
Sixth Avenue Elementary
Swigert International School
Vaughn Elementary
Westerly Creek Elementary
William “Bill” Roberts K-8 School

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