Science Field Trip Curricula Summaries


The combination of experiences is designed to teach science concepts in alignment with the Colorado Academic Standards for Science. Each program is designed to meet the Life Science Standards outlined in each Grade Level Expectation for Preschool through 5th Grade. Each outdoor activity station focuses on specific evidence outcomes listed for each GLE. For specifics on evidence outcomes, please contact our Education Department.

Curricula Summaries

Sensory Discovery
(Grades ECE and K):
Use all of your senses to explore Bluff Lake and discover how animals use their senses.Based on Life Science GLE Preschool #1.
Download a PDF of the Explorer’s Packet for Sensory Discovery.
Healthy Habitats
(Grades 1-2): Discover the different habitats at Bluff Lake, which animals live in each habitat and what they need to survive.Based on Life Science GLE 1st Grade #2 and 2nd Grade #1 and #2.
Download a PDF of the Explorer’s Packet for Healthy Habitats.
Life Cycles
(Grades 2-4): Learn about the different life cycles of various animals and how they are connected to all other animals, including humans. Based Life Science GLE 3rd Grade #1.
Download a PDF of the Explorer’s Packet for Life Cycles.
Wetland Wonders
(Grades 3-5): Learn what makes a wetland a wetland, what animals live there, and how a wetland is nature’s way of cleaning water. Based on Life Science GLE 4th Grade #1 and #3.
Download a PDF of the Explorer’s Packet for Wetland Wonders.

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