Science Field Trip Registration

How to set up a Science Field Trip

  • Register your group below
  • Request a bus as soon as possible
  • Book a pre-trip outreach
  • Receive our confirmation email


Bluff Lake utilizes a tiered registration system.  Once your tier opens, it remains open even as other tiers begin registration.

  • Register online below
  • Request a form to be emailed to you here
  • Download the form as a PDF to mail or email it to us
  • Call us at 720-708-4079

Tier One  Schools within the 3 mile radius of Bluff Lake may register beginning 8:00am Tuesday, August 20th
Tier Two Tile I and/or 50%+ FRL Schools may register beginning 8:00am Monday, August 26th
Tier Three All other schools may register beginning 8:00am Thursday, August 29th
New: all fall and spring dates have been booked. If you are still interested in any fall or spring dates please register below, putting “wait list” in the date field. You may also set up a Self-Guided Tour here. Please note: Groups with over 65 students will need to schedule additional days.

Registration Form

  • Please review the information needed before starting. You will need to provide at least three preferred dates. For our most current available dates please see our calendar page.


Science Field Trips Availability September Through June

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Use the pull-down tabs to select for both Month and Year you want to view. Green Dates = Open
Pink Dates = Scheduled/Booked
Orange Dates = Not Available