Give back to your community!

Do you like being outdoors, have a love for environmental science and enjoy teaching young people about nature? Or how about improving wildlife habitat through gardening? Or simply greeting visitors?

At Bluff Lake Nature Center, you can combine and use your talents! We have a job for everyone!

Volunteer Roles
~Site Stewards
~Neighborhood Partners Environmental Team
~Office Assistant (this position will be determined and does not follow a regular schedule)

Projects Include
~pick up trash along fence line and around site
~remove invasive species plants in the garden area and around the site
~greet visitors at Fireside Chats throughout the summer months
~help set-up for special events as needed
~help maintain our prairie dog population

Getting started is easy. No experience is required. All you need is a good sense of adventure and commitment to our mission. The staff at BLNC will train you in the natural history of Bluff Lake and the specifics of your job.

Contact us at 720-708-4147 or send an email to get started!

Helpful Skills
~Ability to work with people of all ages, especially children
~Sense of humor
~Ability to work independently
~Interest in environmental or natural sciences
~Reliable transportation


~On-site training is provided through continuing education, lecture and field study opportunities.
~Formal classroom training includes guest presentations by local experts.
~ Naturalists and Ambassadors receive an additional training manual.


~Personal satisfaction from contributing to your community

~Opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships.

~Continuing education opportunities and volunteer field trips.

~Volunteer recognition.

~Invitation to special events.

~ Rewarding work experience.