Updated 8/13/2021


BLNC Land Manager

Position Description – English              Descripción de posición – Espanol

General Summary of Position:

BLNC’s Land Manager reports directly to the Executive Director (ED) and works closely with the BLNC Natural Resource and Site Management Committee (NRSMC), staff members, and a cadre of dedicated volunteers. The Land Manager is directly responsible for the overall safety, cleanliness, accessibility, and ecological health of the 123-acre BLNC site (which contains wetlands, prairie, and riparian habitats) through site restoration, volunteer projects, and habitat monitoring. On average BLNC sees over 80,000 visitors per year. The position is also a point of contact for many visitors and stewardship volunteers.  About 90% of work time occurs at the BLNC site.  The position is a full-time position with a salary range of $42-46K, depending on qualifications.

The responsibilities of the Land Manager include the following:

Natural Resource Management (40%)

  • Regularly inspect the site and identify work needed to protect wildlife and native vegetation, control invasive weeds, manage out-of-balance populations according to internal plans, and address any other threat to the health of the natural area
  • Conduct short and long-term surveys monitoring vegetation, wildlife, and visitor usage
  • Prepare regular work plans that incorporate high priority work needs, and use the plans to organize and be accountable for stewardship work
  • Coordinate, manage/supervise, and report activities for variety of onsite stewardship support crews including weekly volunteers who help with weed control and habitat improvement projects, youth seasonal crews, corporate volunteer groups, school/scout volunteer groups, and high school and college site interns.
  • Participate on BLNC’s Natural Resource and Site Management Committee, consulting with group to discuss site priorities and projects.

Site Maintenance and Security (30%)

  • Regularly inspect the site and facilities to identify work needed to ensure the safety, accessibility, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal of BLNC, especially along the trails, in the parking lot, and at all visitor facilities
  • Perform needed repairs and improvements through a combination of work by the Land Manager, volunteers, interns, and contractors
  • Maintain site maintenance supplies such as tools, equipment, and
  • Supervise and coordinate with BLNC Gate Contractor to ensure opening and closing of the gate and general security
  • Ensure snow removal when needed

Visitor Support (15%)

  • Closely coordinate with education team to support staff and volunteers in their preparation and conduct of school, summer camps, and other programs
  • Make contact with visitors to ensure they have basic information about BLNC and understand its rules
  • Enforce rules as necessary, working with local enforcement agencies when required
  • Help track visitor numbers and related information
  • Provide temporary signage if needed to inform visitors of closures, work disturbance, and other unusual activities
  • Assist with the logistical implementation of special events held at the site

Administrative (15%)

  • Manage yearly Site Budget, working with Executive Director to identify both ongoing and project based expenses.
  • Manage onsite contracts including but not limited to waste removal, weed management, and security
  • Communicate frequently with onsite stewardship support crews (as listed above) and report on activities
  • Maintain relationships and be the on-site liaison with outside agencies (Aurora Open Space, Denver Parks and Rec, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, etc.)
  • Reply to emails within two business days, either at the office or via remote connections from a remote computer
  • Cooperate on providing information for, and review of, grant applications relevant to site-related work

How to Apply: If you are interested in applying to this position, please submit a resume and cover letter, clearly illustrating candidate’s strengths as related to this position description, to Executive Director Rachel Crouch at rcrouch@blufflake.org.


Site Management Internship

Position Description English & Spanish

(Employment Term: Roughly 360 hours before December 31, 2021)

Bluff Lake Nature Center is currently seeking energetic, enthusiastic, outdoorsy individuals for one 12-week Site Management Internship (~30 hours per week). This position is grant-funded through Great Outdoors Colorado.

The Intern will be responsible for assisting the BLNC Site Manager in caring for the land through preservation and restoration of native habitat. Intern will work in an outdoor environment on a variety of tasks including but not limited to: Invasive species removal, Wildlife management, Collection of scientific data, Watershed cleanup, Enforcement of site rules, Engaging with the public, volunteers, and other site programs, Other reasonable site management responsibilities as determined.

This internship is only available to individuals aged 18-24 who live in one of the following neighborhoods: Montbello, Northwest Aurora, Commerce City, or Northeast Park Hill.

How to Apply: Please send a cover letter, resume and references to Jacob Reta, Bluff Lake Site Manager, at jacob@blufflake.org. In your email, please describe your availability for June-December of 2021.



If you are still looking to get involved, please consider becoming a Volunteer!