Rare and Elusive Birds of Bluff Lake


On September 29, 2020, birder and wildlife photographer George Ho, Jr., M.D., sat down with Bluff Lake Education Manager Heidi Pfeiffer, Ph.D., to discuss some of the rare and elusive birds in and around Bluff Lake Nature Center. The below resources will allow you to watch the entire interview, view the powerpoint slides with photos, watch a shortened version of the interview, or access the many birding resources that George and Heidi reference during the interview.

Full Length Interview This 78-minute video introduces the Bluff Lake Aquatic Habitat Improvement project and includes full information about 20 different rare and elusive birds. You will also learn about bird banding, migration patterns, effects upon plumage, how to get involved in birding at Bluff Lake, and more!

Shortened Interview (for Wine & Zoom 2020) This 11-minute video includes highlights for the first ten rare and elusive birds (out of 20 total), edited to maximize the amount you can learn in just a few minutes! This video had it’s premier at Bluff Lake Nature Center Wine & Zoom 2020.

Presentation Slides with Photos  All photos were taken, edited, and cropped by George Ho, Jr., M.D.

Monthly Bird Walks at Bluff Lake Free and open to everyone, these walks take place year-round!

ebird List of Sightings at Bluff Lake Hotspot  – Updated daily! Maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, eBird is the world’s largest birding community.

Printable Checklist: Birds of Bluff Lake Download a full checklist of all the species ever seen at Bluff Lake! Those spotted for the very first time within the past few years are indicated. This list was most recently updated by Executive Director Rachel Crouch during the summer of 2020.

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